about us

fate fell collective | open minded exploration

It all started in a college dorm room in the middle of Las Vegas, NV. Fate Fell was created with the intention to learn, be creative, and explore- but never remain the same. We are inspired by nature, traveling, music & all things "do it yourself".
Each garment is purposely limited in quantity to ensure that each person has their own unique item, apart from large retail stores. Open minded exploration conveys the notion that we should try new things beyond our comfort zone. One must be accepting of new ideas in order to learn, grow, & better understand ourselves.
You cannot rely on something else to choose the right path for you; We are masters of our own fate


crescent; derived from the Latin word 'creare' which means to create

the crescent moon represents the female principle
the approach of a new beginning & a time to let go
to bring forth 
the connection between Earth & the rest of the universe