figuring it out

"We instinctually measure ourselves against others and vie for status. The question is not whether we evaluate ourselves against others; rather, the question is by what standard do we measure ourselves?"

 - Mark Manson, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fuck


I started fate fell in my dorm room in early 2015 with the intention to make some extra money while being away at college; I did end up making some extra spending money but it never ended up to be what I wanted it to be. 

Everyday I would log into Instagram and not even bother to post anything because I didn't think my content was comparable to every other clothing line out there. I tried selling shirts that I wouldn't even bother wearing or let alone WANT to wear. Besides dropping a lot of money on festivals and merchandise to please other people, it was really hard to be a full time student and run a business. I ran out of energy to create new things or even find time to post pictures of the stuff I already had. I was asking a million other people for their opinions because it didn't feel like my own. 

I graduated in May and I've had time to acknowledge and appreciate the things that I love and the things I enjoy making. I'm not out here trying to be the next huge streetwear company like Obey or Supreme. I'm here to share the things that I already love doing with people that have the same interests. It's not about quantity, but rather the quality. I was so worried about the quantity including my inventory, followers, likes, and profit that I forgot about the quality. 2019 will be a new beginning for my creative adventures with no boundaries. It will consist of a lot of DIY projects and personal interests. I will post and make what I like and if people don't like it or react to it, does it even really matter? The only thing that matters is if I like it ( sounds selfish but it's true for all aspects of life ) & if you're still reading this I hope you stick around for this journey! 

  • Tori on

    You go man! My favorite hoodie to wear is your light green one! Cant wait to see new things💚

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